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  • Discuss your specific site requirements and available options

All sites are unique; together, we first gather how many extensions/lines you need, any desires/wishlist/expectations you have, and talk about some of the included applications which you may appreciate and will help you communicate more efficiently!

  • Recommend a configuration best suited for you!

The SpydurPBX is a ‘best of breed’ system, designed with flexibility in mind. You are no longer confined to a particular product lineup… today, we can mix and match the best components (telephones, switches, etc) from an array of manufacturers, each with their own strengths. Allow us to show you what would be best suited for your needs.

  • Provide a cost justification of expected expenses AND savings!

This includes every aspect of the system, and will compare for you all expenses and savings over your current setup. This includes the SpydurPBX, telephones, supporting hardware (battery backup, switches, etc), and carriers (land lines, mobile providers, and VoIP). Using only a sample of a current telephone bill, we can further determine all local, long distance, and international savings!

Online Demonstration with a Trainer

Move beyond simple screenshots, speak one-on-one with a Trainer, and go through a real demo of a live system… seeing is believing! Having the ability to actually navigate through an entire system, discovering what’s really there, and being able to ask any number of technical or operational questions to someone who intimately knows the system front to back is just so very beneficial. It’s quite possible and not uncommon that this exchange really can spur some great ideas on how the SpydurPBX really can help you communicate better!

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