The SpydurByte is available both as a rackmount or wallmount. The rackmount option internally provides connectivity for up to 4x analog lines or 1x T1/PRI (gateways may be added), comes pre-programmed, and is a mere 20 inches deep!

SpydurByteDell PowerEdge Rackmount

The SpydurByte (mounted) includes everything you need to get a small company or branch office up and running.

  • SpydurCore w/ SpydurWeb – the telephone system itself, and includes SpydurWeb which allows for further customization via web administration.
  • Gateway – connectivity for up to 16x analog lines or 1x T1/PRI
  • VPN Router – provides Dual WAN access for one or two Internet connections, Quality of Service to ensure call quality, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for remote support, and up to 16x switch ports to connect your telephones, server(s), and workstations
  • Battery BackUp – ensures uptime and protects the equipment from power fluctuations

The system comes pre-assembled, pre-wired, pre-programmed, and already mounted on its own backplane. All that is required is to open the box, screw it to a wall, and connect your lines.

SpydurByte Unboxed
  Energy Efficient

Requiring less than 30 watts, the SpydurCore
takes less energy than a standard lightbulb!