Why Us?

Guiding Principles which matter to you!

Keep it Simple!Our favorite and most revolutionary concept (patent-pending): KEEP IT SIMPLE!!! There is just no reason why we can’t add all the sophistication and still retain an easy to use communications platform. Now what good would the world’s best system be if it weren’t equally easy to use? We simply want to have our cake and eat it too!
Nickel & DimeWe really want you to be happy with the SpydurPBX… really. We just don’t feel you’ll be too happy (regardless of what you get) if we ‘nickel and dime’ you throughout the entire process. We’re not looking to artificially raise our prices (e.g. pay $300 for a $150 phone), we really don’t like licenses, and we don’t care for having to purchase seats for every little thing. The truth is: if we can put it in there at no cost to us, we’re going to give it to you!
No Limits!Unlimited number of queues, splits, conference rooms, client seats (crm, instant messaging, etc), paging areas, and everything in between. The only things that should ever need to be added are extensions and audioboards (for supporting Analog/T1/PRI). We want the system to be as flexible and expandable as possible!
Plug & PlaySure, alot of people like to say how easy it is to program new extensions and such, but we’d much rather just have it already pre-programmed for you straight out-of-box. It’s easier for us, and it’s easier for you… cool! Everything we ship out (from phones to routers to gateways) come already setup and filled out, all you should have to do is plug it in!
Best of BreedThe SpydurPBX is open architecture with open standards. While proprietary systems like to lock you into single manufacturers, we use a standard Dell server with all standard components. You can choose from any number of manufacturers for everything: telephones, routers, switches… you name it! This provides for better components, greater availability, and significantly better pricing!
Proudly American