Property Management

SpydurPMS Property Management System

The Property Management System (PMS) is an application geared solely for the Hospitality industry; you can easily perform:

Guest Check-In:
Lists all available rooms not currently occupied, and provides for multi-room check-in.

Guest Check-Out:
Automatically prepares the telephone system for the next guest by removing all voicemail messages and cancelling any scheduled wake-up calls.

Telephone Bills:
Allows searching of telephone bills by date/room, and provides detailed call log reports for the guest.

Guest Wake Up:
Allows scheduling of wake-up calls for occupied rooms, and reports currently scheduled wake-up calls.

Billing Rates:
Defines the current billing rates for telephone calls.

Guest Rooms:
Import extensions from System Setup for use as guest rooms.

911 Notification:
Immediately sends email/SMS notification that someone has dialed Emergency Services, and from which room/extension.