Content Management

Use the versatile and incredibly easy-to-use Content Management Systems (CMS) of your choice (already loaded on the Spydur itself) to automatically direct your users to pertinent information based upon the type of caller! Furthermore, the content management systems enable managers to easily add/modify/delete information with no technical expertise required, simply type! You can then use this information in any number of ways: Realtime cross-training of Employees for handling multiple call types (sales/support/billing), Employee Knowledge Base & FAQ (based on type of caller), Internal News & Community Page, Company Guidelines & Procedures …the possibilities are endless!

The Content Management System (CMS) is integrated with the ‘Operator Panel‘ and is intended to assist ‘Service Bureau Applications’ in the answering of their client’s telephone calls!

Joomla CMS IntegrationWordPress CMS Integration

How it Works!

Example: Service Bureau applications that answer calls for other companies (e.g. Answering Services) can automatically popup their specific client’s information that a caller had dialed (which the agent is answering for).

1.) Outside Caller ‘Bob @ 555-765-4321’ calls your client ‘ABC Company’

2.) Your client ‘ABC Company’ has forwarded their lines to your service via DID (e.g. 555-123-4567, which is assigned only to this specific client)

3.) Your Spydur accepts the call and prefixes a code to the CallerID (typically the last 4-digits of the DID, e.g. 4567)

4.) The Outside Caller is routed to your agent, who is logged into the Operator Panel, sees ‘4567:Bob (5557654321)’ as the incoming CallerID, and automatically launches a new webpage browsing to the company information for ‘ABC Company’ based on the code prefix (e.g. 4567)

That’s it! Your agent now has all of the information for ‘ABC Company’ on their screen, and is ready to answer the call!!!

WordPress CMS Integration

Joomla CMS Integration