System-Level Reporting

Standard System-Level Call Reporting is included in the SpydurPBX, and can generate a variety of useful reports and graphs to allow the office manager to quickly and easily assess call traffic with in-depth analysis on an assortment of topics. Discover, prevent, and resolve potential capacity issues by viewing the peaks and troughs of call volume, showing capacities of your lines and agents, and reveal any increasing or decreasing trends over time. Further understand the breakdown and distribution of calls among agents with various call times and durations. Use the pre-built reports, or optionally create your own custom reports! Call Reporting includes full search capabilities on multiple criteria, and exports to 3rd party applications as a spreadsheet.


Call Center Reporting

The SpydurPBX offers the most comprehensive reporting and real-time monitor package designed specifically for Call Centers, both large and small, with complete analysis of Call Queues / Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)!

Report Designer
Provides customized reports based upon chosen metrics and formulas

Scheduled Email
Schedule Predefined or Customized Reports & Notifications

Real-time Monitoring
Keep track of agents with enhanced integration for Operator Panel

Export Ability
Save reports as a PDF or export data to CSV (e.g. Microsoft Excel)

Full Search
Filter call records by CallerID, Agent, Queue, Date, etc for a specific call

    Predefined Reports
  • Distribution: by queue, by month, by week, by day, by week day, by hour, by URL, and a detailed report
  • Answered Calls: by queue, by wait time, by agent, by disconnection cause, by duration, transferred calls, and a detailed report
  • Answered and Unanswered (Abandoned) Service Level Reports
  • Unanswered (Abandoned) Calls: by queue, by disconnection cause, by URL and a detailed report
  • Agent Availability, Sessions and Pause Durations, Call Dispositions, and a Detailed Paused Report and Session Report