Reseller Advantages

Thank you for your interest in the SpydurPBX. There are four primary reasons that you will be interested in our offering…

Dramatically lower your customers’ recurring expenses!

This is accomplished several ways

  • take advantage of VoIP with online carriers (Internet Telephony Service Providers)
  • slash expenses with cellular providers through free on-network calling and lower international rates
  • including valuable features as standard and eliminating the need for expensive 3rd party services (conferencing, customer relationship management, etc.)
  • providing a solution based upon open architecture, and avoiding the naturally high cost of proprietary hardware.
  • completely removing any sort of high cost licensing, registrations, client seats, port restrictions, and required maintenance agreements
  • eliminating all carriers and line charges for inter-office communication in multi-site configurations through direct extension-to-extension dialing

Lower your own overhead

  • All systems come fully programmed and fully installed in a truly plug ‘n play condition.
  • Enjoy a sophisticated and powerful system that is remarkably easy to administer and 100% web-based.
  • All systems include complete system training, both for in-house personnel and on-site system administrators.
  • Manage your customers remotely (from anywhere) and avoid costly trips through secure VPN.

Increase your Marketability!

  • Enjoy a best-of-breed system that truly is manufacturer-agnostic, giving you and your customers an unbelievably wide range of products to better suite their needs.
  • Tackle customer perceptions by providing big-name manufacturers at their desk, but without big-name costs in the back-office.
  • Provide a remarkably higher level of capability as standard with zero cost to both you and your customer (call center reporting, call logging, etc).
  • Enable a greater degree of flexibility for customer-specific development and customization as only an open architecture can offer.

Strategic Partner Access

  • All product documentation, useful downloads, and Sales & Marketing tools designed specifically to aid partners in sales and support of the SpydurPBX.
  • Take advantage of active health monitoring across all of your sites, and be proactive in your customer service agreements!


It’s time to rekindle existing relationships… you have many customers that you have been serving for many years that are utilizing old PSTN technology. They have been happy with your company and you with them, but they don’t represent any significant new revenue. From their stand point: they know there is newer and better technology, but why spend the money when they have a working system? You can now give them the reason with the SpydurPBX – new technology with very useful business tools and little or no out-of-pocket expense by lowering their recurring expenses. Now they will have brand new reasons to love you!

The best way to show you the benefits is to actually make a proposal for one of your sites.
Please Contact Us today, we look forward to hearing from you!