Conference Bridge

The SpydurPBX allows instant and convenient collaboration capabilities to every employee position. When an employee wants to conference multiple parties, they need only transfer each party to ‘5’ plus their own extension number, or to any number of general conference rooms. Once in conference, the extension owner may fully administer the discussion with kicking and muting capabilities via web browser. Conferencing could not be any simpler than with the SpydurPBX!

You can have any number of conference rooms with any number of participants without limitation. The only constraints are the number of channels available to the outside world. Further, you may configure each and every conference room with individually unique settings. You may prefer your conferences to be very adhoc and informal by only playing music to lone parties… or you may want to impress clients and employees alike by announcing joining members, provide user counts, and play entry chimes.

You can have any number of conference rooms with any number of participants without limitation!

Conference Rooms are ‘always open’, and do not need to be scheduled! You can easily integrate conferencing into the Automated Attendant, or even create a dedicated ‘Conference Line’ (e.g. for webinars, weekly meetings, etc) where callers can dial a toll-free number with a Conference ID and PIN!

‘Quick & Dirty’ Conferencing

For those that prefer the simplicity of ‘quick & dirty’ conferencing (whereas a full-featured Conference Bridge would be overkill for their needs), there are two different ways!

1.) Users can immediately join internal and external callers together by pressing the dedicated button on their telephone for ‘Line 1 > Conference > Line 2’.

2.) Managers can also kick off instant conferencing between internal groups of users (e.g. for weekly sales meetings) by simply pressing a single button on their telephone. Everyone’s telephone simply goes ‘off-hook’, and everyone is speaking together!