Build Your Brand

Web Interface
Brandable with YOUR own branding!

Easily change the Web Interface with YOUR branding and/or make your customers feel good by using their own logos!

Simple drag & drop allows you to instantly change:
1.) Toolbar Header Logo (e.g. Technology Solutions)
2.) Title Logo (e.g. My Favorite Customer)
3.) Toolbar Background

You can apply this to the entirety of the SpydurWeb interface, or have different logos / headers for the user and administrative levels!

Brandable with YOUR own branding!

We are excited to be partnered up with Htek to provide completely FREE telephone branding to ALL of our partners! This means every single telephone you install can now be put out with YOUR logo right in the plastic itself. This is in addition to branding the wallpaper / background of color telephones. Whenever a user looks down at their telephone, they can now see YOUR name front and center! Brandable Telephones

Brandable Telephones

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