Open Architecture

Open Source

The SpydurPBX communications platform makes extensive use of open source software to serve a broad range of needs. The SpydurPBX is considered a converged system because it operates seamlessly, under one graphical user interface, making it a significantly easier and more useful business tool.

Because the SpydurPBX takes advantage of open source, you are assured of continual product enhancement without fear of obselescense. Unlike proprietary products that have a small handful of developers, the SpydurPBX literally has hundreds. Open source software is market-driven and extremely flexible. If you can think of a feature or application that would be beneficial for you, there is a strong likelihood others have the same thought. The SpydurPBX is based on open standards and can be easily modified to fit your company’s needs.

Spydur Linux Penguin
We are deeply grateful to these large communities of developers!
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which enables us to create the SpydurPBX you see today!

Open Standards

DellThe SpydurPBX is considered a soft switch because it requires no special hardware to operate and is inherently non-hardware based. In fact, the only time it needs any additional hardware is when it is connected to traditional analog or digital lines. The hardware the SpydurPBX does utilize is far less complex and therefore much more reliable. The SpydurPBX is supplied on a highly reliable Dell Linux Server. If something were to fail, no proprietary hardware needs to be ordered and waited on, as the system uses all standard components.


Open Interoperability

Dialtone is only the beginning, and all brands and manufacturers are not created equally. The simple truth is that there is not a single ‘best’ telephone as different manufacturers have different strengths & weaknesses. Therefore, the recommendation always depends upon the value it provides in fulfilling the needs and desires of your specific application. It simply makes the most sense to pick the best endpoints, using the best system, and with the most features you will appreciate… and this is possible because the SpydurPBX works with ALL manufacturers!

Interoperability Telephones