Multiple Sites

Enjoy the simplicity of managing a single system in control of multiple sites, or combine the power of multiple systems across your sites to form an integrated network with complete autonomy and redundancy. It is easy to configure and and allows free interoffice communication without the need for even a termination provider. Use your pooled resources to support entire offices or connect individual telecommuters from any location; with any device!

Single-System, Multi-Site
The Single-System, Multi-Site is used when users are dislocated apart from a centrallized headquarters. These single or small groups of users are too few to warrant a local system, so they instead connect remotely as a telecommuter. Once connected, they appear as though they actually reside at the primary site.

Multi-System, Multi-Site
The Multi-System, Multi-Site is used where there are clusters or concentrations of stations. Examples would include such sites as multiple real estate offices, branch banks, insurance offices, etc. In each instance, all sites are completely self-supporting yet are networked together for direct station to station dialing, and support 100% free interoffice communication without the need for even a termination provider.
Multiple Sites

There are a number of reasons for choosing one configuration over another; or use a combination of the two! These considerations include: number of stations, number of simultaneous calls and subsequent amount of traffic, low-latency availability (i.e. ping rate) from carriers or service providers, etc. Once the specifics of your particular application is defined, it is easy to configure a Multi-Site system.