Invoice Ninja

Take Control of the Sales Process!

Invoice Ninja is a powerful application designed to make your business run more efficiently! With Invoice Ninja, you can simplify your sales process to only two (2) steps: quote generation and order fulfillment. Completely automate the customer approval, invoice generation, and payment with the push of a single button for your customer. Invoice Ninja will keep track of the entire sales process, and keep you up-to-date with notifications each step of the way.

Invoice Ninja Automated Sales Process

Invoice Ninja will keep you in control with the ability to Accept Deposits & Partial Payments, Require Agreement of Terms & Conditions, and Collect Client Signatures for Final Approval if you prefer. Maintain Post-Sales activities with further reminders & notifications, and setup Automatic Late Fees on Unpaid Invoices. Invoice Ninja operates exactly as you want, and retains your ability and flexibility to customize the process at any time for VIP customers.

Empowered with SpydurPBX!

Invoice Ninja is integrated with the ‘Operator Panel‘ and will Automatically PopUp your Client’s Information when they Call! This means you will be able to see all of their activity (quotes / invoices / payments / etc) the instant they ring your telephone.

Automatically PopUp Client Information when they Call!

Click-to-Dial‘ furthers the integration by allowing you to simply click on a Client’s telephone number, which causes the Spydur to call your telephone, and then rings through to your Client (all with a simple click)!

Incredibly Feature Rich!

Customized Invoicing
Match the look of your invoice with the design of your brand, and make your document stand out.  Choose from a variety of professionally designed templates ready to customize: easily add a logo, modify the colors, adjust the fonts, and choose the perfect styling that best suits you!

Customize the Invoices to your company's design in look and feel
Recurring Invoices & Automatic Billing
Repeatedly writing new invoices and chasing payments with the same repeat clients can be a drain on time and energy. With Invoice Ninja you can create recurring invoices and automatically bill clients for the ongoing services you provide. You can fully customize your repeat invoices to be sent at fixed times during any day, week, or month. This is totally hassle-free and gives you more time to focus on your clients.

Invoice Ninja can do Recurring Invoices & Automatic Billing!
Mobile Workforce
You can access Invoice Ninja from all of your devices!  Log in at the office using any desktop computer and web browser, or from any mobile device (whether tablet or phone) via the Apple AppStore or Google Play App!  Invoice Ninja is always available wherever you are.

Invoice Ninja on ALL Devices!
Alerts & Notifications
Has your client received your invoice? Sometimes emails get accidentally deleted or lost in a spam folder. The result is potentially waiting weeks for your payment without knowing why. With Invoice Ninja you’ll know exactly when your client opens your invoice and also when they make a payment. You will be alerted automatically online and in your email. Keep track of who has viewed your invoice, paid it, and when!

Receive Alert Notifications for Invoice Ninja!
Project Management
Simple Project Management w/ Kanban Boards of Project Tasks helps you organize and plan your client work visually… use Time Tracking to accurately record everything from the initial planning stages right through to project completion!

Manage Your Projects with Time Management
Create professional looking proposals with drag-&-drop, and send beautiful proposals to your customers via email or Client Portal.  Proposals are easily approved by your clients, automatically converted into an invoice for payment, and may be downloaded as a standard PDF document.

Create professional looking proposals with drag-&-drop!
40+ Payment Gateways
Invoice Ninja integrates with every major payment gateway on Earth. USA, Canada, South American, UK, EU, South Africa, Australia and the Far East – you’re covered!

Connect Invoice Ninja with 40+ Payment Gateways!
Invoice Ninja