Voice Mail

The SpydurPBX includes a user friendly web interface for voicemail, call history, and call monitor recordings with virtually no limitation on hours of voice storage. In addition, it comes with full search capabilities, support for CallerID, easy access to user settings, and login authentication. All archived voice mail messages can be stored in convenient folders for easier access. (New, Saved, Work, Family, and Friends). Employees are notified of new voice messages by message waiting lamp, stutter dial tone, and/or delivery to the employee’s email as a standard .wav file. Call Recordings serve as a useful reminder, for agreement verification, and for training purposes. Call Recordings are stored separately on the SpydurPBX and are easily accessed for review on demand (see also Call Recording).

Voicemail Jack-in-Box



Advanced Features

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Legacy Voice Mail Replacement

Utilize the SpydurUM as a zero-extension Application Server to replace a failing or obsolete legacy voice mail system that is attached to another legacy telephone system! The SpydurUM will provide all voice mail services with full integration, message waiting, and notification abilities; the same as any traditional voice mail system.

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SpydurUM Unified Messaging

Exchange Integration

The SpydurPBX will fully integrate with Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016 Unified Messaging within Active Directory! Further the caller-experience with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), and enhance the user-experience with Outlook Voice Access (OVA). This provides outside callers the ability to speak the name of the person or department they wish to speak with, and additionally gives users the ability to listen to their voicemail, email, and calendar over the telephone!

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Microsoft Exchange Integration