Overhead Paging & Intercom

Voice Over IP (VoIP) based paging equipment has several tremendous advantages over traditional systems…

Significantly simpler wiring
Just run an Ethernet cable to any speaker, horn, or light… and that is it!

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
Allows for Centralized Power Distribution and Battery BackUp. Use PoE-enabled Network Switches or Power Injectors to power the speakers, horns, and lights. Putting the PoE Network Switch on a Battery will keep them running, even after the power goes out!

Easy to Administer
All devices are administered from a web browser, and there should never be a reason to physically adjust any speaker, horn, or light. This is especially good for those hard to reach places!

Features & Abilities

Door Phone / Gate Intercom
  • Provide audio and video calling straight from the door phone or gate intercom at the push of a button
  • Use a telephone keypad to temporarily open a door or gate through a control relay (e.g. Door Strike)
  • Call the Door or Gate Intercom directly for an immediate auto-answer with two-way audio
Emergency Notification & Alerts
  • Include horns and lights in Ring Groups to use as a ringer in large warehouses
  • Play pre-recorded messages with different colored lights in loud manufacturing environments
  • Integrates with various controls, push buttons, and sirens to call for help in parking lots
Event Scheduler
  • Scheduled announcements for school environments, such as: playing the national anthem, class bells, and recess. Meets the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (ANSI/NEMA) standard SB 40-2015 Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools
  • Play different timed messages (e.g. store closing) on a schedule for Retail locations through Announcements
  • Interrupt and resume background music playback through a 3.5mm input mini-jack
MultiSite Applications / Zone Paging
  • Use MultiSite paging over a network of different geographically located sites and paging zones
  • Page Zones can easily grow from very small to extremely large, and still allow for individual 1-to-1 paging
  • Set individual speaker/horn volume manually, or use adaptive volume control to adjust each dynamically; based on the ambient noise level at the time of the page
Algo Paging & Intercom

Works as Standalone or in Tandem with Existing Equipment!

Use VoIP-based Overhead Paging & Intercom equipment with a SpydurPBX in tandem with any traditional “Tip & Ring > RCA > Amplifier > Speaker Wire > Speaker” setup. Also works with all analog / dry contact door strikes! Checkout ‘Why Us?‘ to learn more about what we do to earn your business!