Cisco Migration

Cisco & SpydurPBX
The very best of both worlds!

Cisco Telephones

By far the best thing Cisco has going in telecommunications are their telephones… sure, there are different telephones for different people (and we use them all), but the fact remains that Cisco’s telephones are among the best. The real attraction to the SpydurPBX is that you can use those very same Cisco telephones, as the SpydurPBX is compatible with both their SCCP firmware (i.e. proprietary Skinny protocol) AND their open standard SIP firmware!

Cisco Edge Equipment

Your network intrastructure can be built from any number of manufacturers, and this includes Cisco! “Love them or hate them;” it makes absolutely no difference to the SpydurPBX. All the SpydurPBX requires is a.) Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure high call quality and b.) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for remote access and support… beyond this, the sky is the limit!

Cisco Router

Completely free yourself from the outrageously excessive and exorbitant prices… all while adding limitless possibilities!!! Yes, the SpydurPBX has incredibly more features and capabilities, but we know you’ll agree that the sheer cost difference easily makes the SpydurPBX more than appealing. Imagine a world where you no longer have to worry about countless licenses, registrations, client seats, and ports… and you’re imagining a world with SpydurPBX!

Cisco Equation

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