Nortel Migration

Nortel & SpydurPBX
Protecting your investment!

Nortel Telephones

The truth is, the sheer number of telephones often represents the largest investment in a telephone system, and as such… you are going to be “stuck with them for a long time, so you better pick something you like”. No matter if you have an aging investment of i2004’s or more recent 1140E’s, you can now feel better knowing that the SpydurPBX can protect your investment and is compatible with Nortel’s proprietary UNIStim protocol (i.e. Unified Networks IP Stimulus); furthermore, Nortel sold their telephone manufacturing to Aastra in 2001 which has been producing open standard SIP-based telephones. This means you can upgrade into a true Best of Breed system with your investment intact!

Nortel 1140e
Nortel i2004
Aastra 6757i Telephone
Nortel Infrastructure

Your network intrastructure can be built from any number of manufacturers, and this includes Nortel! “Love them or hate them;” it makes absolutely no difference to the SpydurPBX. All the SpydurPBX requires is a.) Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure high call quality and b.) Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for remote access and support… beyond this, the sky is the limit!

Nortel Switch

Completely free yourself from the outrageously excessive and exorbitant prices… all while adding limitless possibilities!!! Yes, the SpydurPBX has incredibly more features and capabilities, but we know you’ll agree that the sheer cost difference easily makes the SpydurPBX more than appealing. Imagine a world where you no longer have to worry about countless licenses, registrations, client seats, and ports… and you’re imagining a world with SpydurPBX!

Nortel Equation

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