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We at Spydur Technologies want to make ourselves even more accessible to you with a wider Social Media presence.  Our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts will help us better connect, serve, and communicate with you and our community.  I would like to take this opportunity to describe what you can expect from our Social Media presence.

BlogOur SpydurBlog will continue to be used to explain specific subjects with great detail.  Topics might include new features coming to the Spydur, or fresh Sales Perspectives to help you be more effective with your own customers.  The information we provide is intended to enlighten and give you a deeper understanding on the given topic.
TwitterTwitter is one of our new avenues on Social Media.  Our tweets will primarily be quick short notifications and updates (given that we only have 140 characters).  These announcements may ‘shout out’ new enhancements to the Spydur, or simply point you to valuable information or news in the industry.
Linked InLinkedIn is another new Social Media account in our new drive.  Its purpose is to inform you on specific news and events with Spydur Technologies itself.  This will also help us connect with you and other companies in our industry to discover how we might be able to help you more!
FacebookFacebook is our third new Social Media account where we aim to give you a wide range of posts, announcements, and links to various pictures and product media along with short descriptions.  We hope to engage with you in all areas, from new product introductions to upcoming exhibitions and conventions.
RSS News FeedThe RSS News feed will continue to guide you towards our Product and Industry News articles.  The purpose is to keep you up to date with new material and happenings with Spydur itself, and provides a quick and easy solution that you can subscribe to find out about all the new things coming your way!

Our new wider Social Media Presence aims to serve you in more ways than ever before.  We are working diligently through these new avenues to give you the level of access that we mutually desire.  You and I are real people, and you mean a lot to us.   We look forward to building this beneficial partnership with you, together over the long term.  So Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and Connect with us on LinkedIn; and be a part of something new!

Facebook @ spydur.technologies
LinkedIn @ spydur-technologies
Twitter @ SpydurTech


Spydur Blog

The Spydur exists to help connect you and your business with the people you serve, and we created this blog to connect with you! We hope this outlet will help relate to you on a more personal level and will be a bit more relaxed. While most of the articles will relate to the Spydur itself, we will also be taking some time to discuss the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities we see within the communications industry as a whole. Our perceptions influence our design choices and business decisions alike, and we want you to know how and why! We look forward to sharing with you, and trust you will appreciate and find this blog helpful.