There is not 1, but THREE (3)

Most people are surprised to learn that there is not one, but three different websites based on each aspect of what we do!

The SpydurPBX website is dedicated solely to ‘all that is’ the SpydurPBX, and the incredible things it can do for you! So much of what we do is spending time and teaching you about the wide range of available options, in the hope that you can make better and more informed decisions with regard to your own communications needs. Please visit Why Us? to see that we really do want you to be happy with the SpydurPBX (not just another ‘black box’). Therefore, our goal is to have be that single place for you to go and learn more, and determine what makes the most sense for you!

Spydur Technologies is ‘who we are’, and details everything we do to help you build a comprehensive solution to service your specific needs. The truth is that very few systems operate in complete isolation, and our skill-set extends to include: SIP Trunking & Hosted Voice, Network Security, Virtualization, and Web Design. We have here to introduce us and what we can do for you. What you can imagine, we can create! Please visit VoIP / Telecom and Managed IT to learn more, and let us build an integrated system that works to achieve the results you are looking for.

Voice Mail, Inc (VMI) is the legal name for Spydur Technologies (DBA), and continues to be the greatest source for voice, store, and forward technology… the original term for legacy voice processing. went live way back in 1997 (during the booming age of Mosaic Netscape, the first graphical web browser), and is one of the very oldest websites on the Internet today! The website has grown enormously in content over the years, and currently marks its 6th generation of revamping (which was most recently launched this past January 2020). Please visit 30 Years of History for an account of our early beginnings, and visit Who We Are (Our History) to see how we continue to grow to meet your needs for the future!

Gary is the primary Inside Sales Engineer for Spydur Technologies (with an internal title of CBW) and has been in the telecommunications industry since two cans were first joined by a string.