Phenomenal Cosmic Power, Ity Bity Living Space!

Want to use those Cisco telephones?  No problem! … the sales guys really like comparing the bottom line to show the substantial cost savings without any exorbitant maintenance contracts, because it makes them feel good by getting those potential customers to say wow!  Those decision makers will now have the great difficulty of deciding where best to utilize that very big wad of cash (a very good problem indeed).

Similarly, us operations guys really like clearing out those IP Office’s and Call Managers, replacing an entire rack full of equipment with a single 1U chassis, because it makes us feel good by getting those new customers’ IT people to say wow!  You can very easily see the realization come over their faces as they behold the new-found space, and watch as the multitude of devices are removed (no longer to be managed on their network).

SpydurByte Rackmount

I wish I had a dollar every time I heard…
“look, you can see the floor now!” – or – “wow, is that it?!?!?”

Hardware periodically leaps ahead in both capacity and performance, and allows for smaller form factors, lower electricity bills, lower temperatures, and significantly MORE performance!  Over the years: motherboards have miniaturized, memory has gotten cheap, hard drives got larger (ridiculously large for telephony applications), and multi-core processors were introduced (a truly novel concept).

SpydurCore Wallmount

About a year ago, solid state drives were made standard in all SpydurCore’s & SpydurBytes, and while they continue to have the same great reliability as their mechanical counterparts, they operate at much lower temperatures, have no moving parts (can be bumped), and have significantly higher performance (which cannot be understated).

As for today, the standard processors used in the SpydurCore & SpydurByte are leaping ahead again with some very advanced and updated System-on-Chip (SoC) designs featuring quad cores at a 50% speed increase via 33% faster clock rate, with an even more advanced instruction set (i.e. out-of-order processing).

So… what to do with all that extra processing power? MWUHAAAAaaaaaaaa!

Mad Scientist

Once the purvue of only the powerful SpydurPBX, the lines are blurring as the feature set of the SpydurByte is expanding to now include: Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) and Collaboration, integrated Web-MeetMe Management Controls, Three new Advanced Reporting Modules, Named Greeting Libraries, and several other enhancements along the way… all using the same ultra-small form factor!  Partners will find an updated Product Matrix on the Partner Site, and be sure to ask a sales engineer for more information today!!!

Old School Telecom meets Information Technology with this "hybrid technician"... this mad scientist may be missing a few screws, but knows exactly where all the nuts & bolts are when it comes to IP telephony!